Six day comfort hike Les Eyzies to Rocamadour

This 100 km spiritual hike is ideal for everyone that likes to take things a bit slower, and enjoy a bit of comfort..

Hiking Bergerac to Rocamadour

A wonderfully scenic 180km hike from Bergerac to Rocamadour

Where Soul Searchers Sleep

Where do Soul Searchers Sleep when on a journey?…


more and more people are coming to Les Eyzies and the Vezere Valley for Soul Searching purposes…

GR65 The Le Puy Way

Starting in le Puy and commonly referred to in English as the Way of Saint James

8 day Soul Cleansing Pilgrimage Les Eyzies to Rocamadour loop

This 8 day Soul Cleansing Pilgrimage from Les Eyzies to Rocamadour and back is a marvelous hike

Les Eyzies to Rocamadour 3 day Hike

Les Eyzies to Rocamadour is a marvelous 3 day hike that takes the hiker through some of the most amazing places the area has to offer….