Ode to the Child Clan – Adventure for the Kids

Ode to the Child Clan is a fantastic 3 day adventure for the kids. Take them on this tour and it will be without doubt the best holiday they will ever have.
Day one will be spent hiking and exploring the prehistoric Vezere valley. Caves, troglodytes, shelters, underground caverns and lots more. The kids will love every second of this exploration.
Day two will be spent enjoying the Vezere Valley countryside on a pony, riding experience is not needed, our ponies are child friendly, and they walk at a very steady pace.
Day 3 is spent exploring the Vezere river by canoe, at a very steady pace we will travel about 24km down the river passing chateaus, troglodytes, caves, shelters and lots more.

Ode to the Clan is ideal for kids aged between 5 – 12, it goes without saying that the young ones must have an adventurous spirit.

** At least one parent required per 2 kids
** Max size per group is 4 kids and 2 adults (parents)

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