Your personal guide / transport in the Dordogne

New for 2018

A lot of people from around the world visit the Dordogne by public transport, only to find out that once they are in the Dordogne, public transport is VERY… Very limited.
Many people are either not comfortable driving on foreign roads, or it is just not worth it.
Walking Dordogne offers “Guides” for the visitors not wanting to rent a car.
Walking Dordogne offers a guide / driver from 4 hours to you name it.. For just 25 Euro per person per hour, or 35 Euro per hour per couple you can be chauffeured to all the places on your wish list.
This service can of course be combined with hiking trails in the area.

For just transport to for example an airport, please contact us for a quote

Transportation Options

these are just examples of places we can take you

  • Airport pickup / drop-off [ Bergerac, Limoges, Toulouse and Bordeaux ]
  • Vezere Valley Attractions
  • Dordogne Valley Attractions
  • Rocamadour
  • Brantome
  • Bergerac