Canoeing the Vezere and Dordogne River

Both the Dordogne and Vezere are named after the rivers that cut through the area. A lot has changed over the years, 1000′s of years to be precise. Ever since “Man” came and settled in the Vezere Valley, the sheer limestone cliffs have been ideal spots to use as shelters, safe from the dangers that our ancestors faced, wild animals, severe weather, and other tribes. Some of Dordogne’s best kept secrets are still to be found along the rivers, and only accessible by canoe or canoe / hike.

Our canoeing trips leave at the crack of dawn, chances are you will spot deer, wild boar, otters, buzzards, kingfishers, fox and plenty of other wildlife. We will pass Chateaus, ancient farmhouses, troglodytes and caves, and this is all on the way to our exploring grounds.