The 7 Brothers Loop – a stunning and majestic hiking trail

What are the 7 Brothers?, we hear you asking yourself..
The 7 Brothers hiking loop [ also called the 7 Towers by some ] are 7 rock cropping’s that dominantly rise from the Vezere River a few miles upstream from Les Eyzies. From the top, the largest of the brothers offers a scary +300 m sheer drop into the Vezere.

Please note that this hike is NOT the short “Out & Back” trail offered in some books / maps – This trail is a very scenic 2-3 hour LOOP. It is an easy hike that can be done by most people that are accustomed to trails.

The 7 Brothers Hiking Loop Trail starts opposite the historic 12th Century once Monastery / Farmhouse B&B Ferme de Tayac, at the fortified church of St. Martin.
From Tayac we follow ancient trading routes that take us through the medieval vine plateaus, passing numerous ruins. The trail continues through the forest, passing remnants  of the ancient charcoal pits. The trails then take us down onto yet another ancient trading route dating back more than a 1000 years.

The scenery on this trail is AMAZING, and most people remark that it feels like they are walking on the set of “Lord of the Rings” The massive rocks covered in carpets of thick moss, along with downed trees, and not to forget the 7 Brothers, make this hike an unforgettable one, even the stunning photos you will take [ and you will take a lot ] will not do this experience justice.

The Seven Brothers Hiking Trail