La Madeleine Loop – Hiking Trail

La Madeleine Loop from Les Eyzies through Tursac is a great hiking loop, and one of my personal favorites in the Vezere Valley.

Although this is not a marked trail as such, it does follow trails, paths and roads.

The loop is about 17km, and although it can be done in about 4.5 hours, I strongly suggest and recommend taking your time, and enjoying a nice picnic or lunch in or around Tursac  [ there is a wonderful picnic area on the Vezere river in Tursac ]

Hike la Madeleine Loop

I always start and finish the hike from B&B Ferme de Tayac. The hike is very scenic, with lots of great panoramic views of the Vezere Valley.

The trail takes you along the best 80%  of the Prehistoric trail ” La Boucle de la Micoque from Les Eyzies. The trail meanders through some stunning and very enchanting forest that takes you to the Prehistoric “Eglise de la Madeleine” that is well worth a visit. From here it’s about 4 km to Tursac, where I recommend having a picnic [ and a swim in the summer ] along the  Vezere river.
From Tursac you follow the trails back towards Les Eyzies de Tayac via the wonderful “7 Brothers” trail – aka the “7 Towers” trail.

There are numerous places along this loop where you can re-fill your water bottle, so you can travel light. There is not really anywhere to buy food along the trail [ there is a seasonal small snackbar at “Eglise de la Madeleine” ] so, if you are planning a picnic, I recommend buying the food in Les Eyzies.