Les Eyzies to Rocamadour Pilgrimage Loop- an 8 day soul cleansing hike

In our world of busyness and chaos, it is vital that we step away from the things we can control, [ and subsequently tend to control us ] and spend time in the world not made by humankind

An 8 day [ +200 km ] Soul Searching / Cleansing Pilgrimage hike from Les Eyzies to Rocamadour and back. [ loop]

+10 days outside of the “Daylight Saving’s” period which is about November through March due to shorter walking days

When you hear the word “Pilgrimage” you automatically think of “Religion”.. It’s true, the word derived from a journey to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion. Today however more and more people are embarking on their own Personal Pilgrimage for their own [ non religious ] reasons.

Reasons for a non religious personal Pilgrimage, could be for example.

  • Lost in Life and / or Relationship – having to put your future into perspective
  • Time Out – more and more people are getting “Burnt Out” from the 24 / 7 high paced life. Internet, Mobile phones and Emails are putting an immense strain on people.
  • Soul Cleansing – Time away from all mod cons, giving you time to think things over, being it past or presence.
  • Spending quality time with a loved one [ present or not present ]
  • Weight loss / Addictions – Removing oneself from the proximity of an addiction / bad habits.
  • “Solvitur ambulando” – which means “Walking Solves All”
  • The Journey – only the “Pilgrim” knows the real reason for his / her journey.

A real Pilgrimage should start from your front door, it should not be a journey full of comforts / luxury, there should be some hardship on the journey, and you should be disconnected from the modern high tech world, no internet, and no mobile phone [ only for emergencies ]

Without any doubt whatsoever, EVERYONE will start seeing things in a different light after a few days on the journey. A Pilgrimage will change you, hopefully for the better.

No matter what your reasons are, everyone should at some point in their life embark on a personal pilgrimage

Les Eyzies to Rocamadour and back is a marvelous 8 day hike [ 10+ days after the daylight saving’s period which is about Nov. through March ]  that takes the hiker through some of the most amazing places the area has to offer. The hike starts at Les Eyzies de Tayac, the Prehistoric Capital of the World, we follow trails through stunning areas such as Commarque in the Beune Valley, the beautiful Medieval Sarlat, Souillac, Carlux and lots more making our way to Rocamadour. From Rocamadour we return via the jewels Gourdon, Domme, Castelnaud, St Cyprien [ just to mention a few ] back to Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies 2

Les Eyzies de Tayac

Commarque 1

Chateau de Commarque in the Beune Valley

Walking Dordogne Roman Bridge

Old Roman Bridge on the Trail

Walking Dordogne 5

Sunrise on the Trail


Medieval Sarlat at night

Les Eyzies to Rocamadour

Ancient Trail



Les Eyzies to Rocamadour return loop- 7 day hike


8 day Pilgrimage – Les Eyzies to Rocamadour loop

This 8 day guided hike is for the more adventurous hikers that don’t mind carrying all their own stuff, incl. tent, water, food and clothing. Seven nights will be spent wild camping / sleeping in a tent and cooking our own food. We feel that this is the best way to experience this wonderful “Pilgrimage” hike. We will have the option to re-stock food while passing through certain towns about every other day.

If you would like to do this hike on a more comfortable basis, please let us know, if there is enough interest, we will add accommodation and luggage transfer as an option.

At the moment this hike is guided only, in the near future we may consider adding it as a “Self Guided” hike along with the details and GPS file.

To make this hike as affordable as possible, the price will depend on numerous things, such as group size, if you have your own gear etc..

For more info about this 8 day Pilgrimage hike, please contact us with details and we will get back to you

Trail Stats :

Start : Eglise de Tayac, Les Eyzies de Tayac

Finish : Eglise de Tayac, Les Eyzies de Tayac

Distance : about 200km

Time : 8 days of 8+ hours walking a day

Type : marked trails with maps

Highlights : Medieval trails / tracks – Medieval villages / towns – lot’s of attractions on the route.

Persons : min. 1, max. 3

Note : Only suited for adventurous outdoors persons – Wild Camping & backpack pilgrimage

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