Walking Dordogne’s Combination Tours

Combination Tours

We offer a range of unique and exciting combination tours, and are always on the lookout to add more.

Our Combination Tours to date are :

Canoeing and Hiking the Vezere

  • This fantastic day trip takes us about 24 km up the Vezere Valley, where we will canoe back down the river, stopping at some of the best kept secrets in France, we will hike  to these places and explore  these hidden gems.


  • This unique and fantastic long day trip offers the best of both worlds when it comes to horse riding and canoeing. We will take you along an ancient trade route, that was used even by our Prehistoric ancestors, the Romans used it, as did the monks and traders during the medieval times. These routes were forgotten about when the railways and cars came along. Riding a horse along these remote and scenic trails is a spectacular  feeling. After about 5 hours on horseback you will arrive at your canoe, and explore the Vezere river heading back to where you started early that morning

Sacred River of Dreams

  • Yet another adventure of a lifetime. Sacred River of Dreams takes you on a Canoeing / Hiking exploration adventure down the Vezere River. Our Prehistoric ancestors has lived, and roamed the Vezere Valley for more than 460,000 years. The Vezere Valley is known as the “Prehistoric Capital of the World” People from all around the world come to the Vezere Valley for famous Prehistoric sites such as Lascaux and Font de Gaume. Sacred River of Dreams doesn’t take you to these “Touristy” places, we take you to the unmapped, unknown and unforgettable places our ancestors called “Home”