Walking Dordogne’s Marked Trails

In the past 10 years, the Dordogne Marked Trails Network has become one of the best in the world. You can easily explore the whole Dordogne on foot, following the very well marked trails. The well marked trails usually follow ancient paths used by traders more than a 1000 years ago.

Walking Dordogne

The trails will take you through medieval villages, giving you a chance to explore, have a bite to eat and grab a drink .

In the Dordogne it doesn’t matter if you want to do an hour hike or a full day hike, the trails will take you there.

Walking Dordogne knows which trails to follow and which trails to connect allowing for the best hiking loops and lollipops the Dordogne has to offer.

The Dordogne trails network are easy to follow without a guide, however for those that just want to enjoy the best trails and options with a guide, the Walking Dordogne is the best choice. For a guide we charge just 15 Euro per person / per hour, or 20 Euro per couple / per hour, with a 50 Euro minimum. These prices are for marked trails only, and do not include driving times to and from the trails. For hikes off the beaten trails, please check the “off the beaten tracks” prices

Food for Thought

Why not take the stress out of planning hikes in the Dordogne, and let me show you best trails the area has to offer. I guarantee you, that you will get to see places you will otherwise never get to see. Just follow me, relax, enjoy, learn about the area, and take lots of photo’s.

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Marked Hiking Trails in the Dordogne

Prehistoric Loop Hiking Trail Les Eyzies

The trail takes you on a journey to the main Prehistoric spots the area has to offer

Hells Gorge Marked Hiking Trail Loop

The Hells Gorge Hiking Trail Loop will take anywhere between 2-3 hours, or longer if you enjoy a picnic. This trail can be done both clock or counter

The Seven Brothers Hiking Loop

The Seven Brother Loop is a stunning but easy 2-3 hour hike following ancient trading routes, and offering some of the best scenery the area has to offer

La Madeleine Loop hiking Trail

La Madeleine Loop from Les Eyzies through Tursac is a great hiking loop, and one of my personal favorites in the Vezere Valley

The photo’s below were all taken on various marked trails we often walk.