Ode to the Neanderthal

ode-to-the-NeanderthalOde to the Neanderthal has been our most popular hike since we launched it about 5 ago. This hike offers everything Prehistoric you could wish for, such as caves, caves, shelters, caves, troglodytes and caves and did I mention caves?

Ode to the Neanderthal I’m afraid is not suited for everyone, and for numerous reasons. The full trail is a full days hike, and by a full day I mean about 12 hours, walking, crawling and climbing. Another reason is that this trail takes you to quite a few caves, ledges and shelters that are not easily accesed and some climbing is needed. Also the trail takes you on a few very narrow sections with quite a drop on one side.

However, for the few lucky people that like to take on a challenge, the reward is one that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Trail Stats :

Start : Eglise de Tayac, Les Eyzies de Tayac

Finish : Eglise de Tayac, Les Eyzies de Tayac

Distance : about 12 km

Time : 6-12+ hours ( depending on group and time spent exploring caves )

Type : off the beaten track

Highlights : Lots of un-mapped Caves, Shelters, Troglodytes, Cavern

Persons : min. 1, max. 5

Note :