Teaser Dordogne Hiking Tour 2016

New Dordogne Hiking Tour 2016

We usually don’t post teasers, actually this will be the first we have ever posted, the reason is, we have yet to decide if this will be an add-on to an existing tour OR do we have enough excitement to create a whole new tour?!… What we can tell you, is that it is in a VERY historic area of the Beune Valley

Walking Dordogne already has an exciting hike in this area, the Prehistoric, Romans and Medieval hike

The Beune Valley is extremely rich in history, Cap Blanc, Commarque and it’s also where the Venus of Lausel was found [ the Venus was carved about 20,000 to 25,000 years ago ]

Walking Dordogne will spend the coming months exploring  more of this area, no trails here, but some very exciting prehistoric shelters / overhangs have been mapped by Walking Dordogne’s Duke .

Stay tuned for more about this exciting adventure..

Below, some photo’s taken of this new 2016 tour.