The Trail of Wild Garlic

The Trail of Wild Garlic is a MUST for the “Spiritual” hiker, who will definitely appreciate the very strong and wonderful vibes that radiate from this amazing and sacred area.

Forgotten Glory Dordogne Hike

Forgotten Glory is a hiking adventure taking you back to the Medieval times to some the lost and forgotten hamlets and farms that were deserted during the plaque of 1348

Prehistoric Romans and Medieval

This could easily be the adventure of a lifetime, or your worst nightmare. Three things are certain on this hike, you will get wet, you will get dirty and you have an unforgettable time, that you will fondly look back on for the rest of your life.

In the footsteps of Jacques le Croquant

This amazing journey takes you on a real exciting and fascinating journey back in time. You will get to see 5 ORIGINAL illegal ovens still tucked away.

Going Underground

Going Underground was added to our list just 2 years ago, and it was a direct hit. The reason it is so popular, is because it combines the best section of “Ode to the…

Ring of Les Eyzies

On this adventure we manage to take you back to both the Prehistoric times and Medieval times of how it was in Les Eyzies de Tayac.

Ode to the Neanderthal

Ode to the Neanderthal has been our most popular hike since we launched it about 5 ago. This hike offers everything Prehistoric you could wish for, such as caves, caves, shelters, caves, troglodytes and caves and…

Hells Gorge

We follow an ancient track that cuts through the gorge. Here you will see the largest Prehistoric Overhang in Europe. We will venture into some hidden and unmapped caves and shelters, you will also explore the ruins of a Templars Hospital, an ancient sacrafice spot, excellent views and lots more

In the footsteps of the Mammoth

Highligts on this trip are numerous caves, some excellent troglodytes, an amazing rock ledge and shelters, fantastic views of the Vezere Valley and a ruined village, left behind hundreds of years ago.