8 day Soul Cleansing Pilgrimage Les Eyzies to Rocamadour loop

This 8 day Soul Cleansing Pilgrimage from Les Eyzies to Rocamadour and back is a marvelous hike

Prehistoric Loop Hiking Trail Les Eyzies

The trail takes you on a journey to the main Prehistoric spots the area has to offer

Les Eyzies to Rocamadour 3 day Hike

Les Eyzies to Rocamadour is a marvelous 3 day hike that takes the hiker through some of the most amazing places the area has to offer….

Hells Gorge Marked Hiking Trail Loop

The Hells Gorge Hiking Trail Loop will take anywhere between 2-3 hours, or longer if you enjoy a picnic. This trail can be done both clock or counter

The Seven Brothers Hiking Loop

The Seven Brother Loop is a stunning but easy 2-3 hour hike following ancient trading routes, and offering some of the best scenery the area has to offer

Sleeping with Neanderthals

Don’t just visit a Neanderthals cave, but experience a night sleeping and eating in a prehistoric cave used by Neanderthals for more than 200.000 years

La Madeleine Loop hiking Trail

La Madeleine Loop from Les Eyzies through Tursac is a great hiking loop, and one of my personal favorites in the Vezere Valley

Ode to the Neanderthals Child

Your kids will LOVE this adventure, and will cherish the memory for ever… guaranteed!!

Sunrise or Sunset Guided walks

The “Sunrise or Sunset Hike” is ideal for everyone that enjoys walking, but photographers will especially enjoy these hikes

Caves and Ruins

The Caves and Ruins tour takes you on the very best of the “In the footsteps of the mammoth” and the full “Forgotten Glory” tour.