Exploring unmapped caves and caverns

For the people that love to hike, but also love exploring, Walking Dordogne definitely has you covered..

No maps, no signs, no trails.. We take you off the trails and to the places of interest that are not on the maps, or mentioned in any guidebooks.

The area was formed millions of years ago, carved out by glacier activity. Caves and natural shelters used by our Prehistoric ancestors more than 260.000 years ago..

In the medieval times the same caves and shelters were used for protection against the marauders coming up the Vezere river. Many of the caves and shelters were strengthened and even fortified. Natural rock shelters used for religious and spiritual purposes.. All this and lots more.

During the second world war, the caves and caverns were once again used, this time by the French Resistance hiding from the German soldiers..

These exploration hikes are definitely not cut out for everyone, you need to be “sure footed”, it involves [ basic ]climbing, crawling on hands and knees, and heights are involved.

However, for the lucky few that experience these explorations, one thing is guaranteed, you will NEVER forget about it, and you will cherish the experience for a lifetime..

Below are just a few photo’s taken deep in the caves and caverns on a few of the tours